Model : BZ Series


Non-clog impeller
Single channel wide opening impeller allows the pump to handle suspended solids with the diameters up 80mm. this ensures that sewage and wastewater are transferred without clogging.

OIL LIFTER (patent pending)
The OIL LIFTER stabili the function of the mechanical seal. It increases the life expectancy of the seal and extends the maintenance cycle. The OIL LIFTER is supplied on ll pumps.

Dual insie mechanical seal 
the pump is furnished ith a dual inside mechanical seal located completely in an oil chamber. This seal ystem dogs not rely on the pumped media for the lubrication and cooling,which increases the reliability of the sealing.

Anti-wicking cable entry
Every cabtyre cable has an anti-wicking biock at the cable entry section of the pump. Thisunique feature protects the motor from the ingress of water that may be caused by damage to the sheath of the cable.Each pump up to 3.7kW has arubber molded cable entry,and the pump of 5.5kW or above has an epxy-filled catry.

Motor protection device
Every pump has a motor protection device built in its motor. Three(3) MTPs are supplied on the pump as standard.

Back pull system
Unfastening the bolts between the oil casing and the pump casing allows the body to be separated into the pump section and the motor section with the im peller left in position. This makes the inspection or cleaning of the impeller easier.(up to 3.7kW)

Guide rail fitting version
Guide rail fitting readily connect/disconnect the pump to/from the piping system only by lifting up and down the pump,allowing easy maintenance and inspection without the nee to enter the sump.Pumps in this version have a \"TOS\" identifier on top of their model codes.

  • Transfer of sewage and wastewater at sewage treatment plants
  • Transfer of wastewater at industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Pumping or boosting sewage and rain water in a sewage lift station
  • Drainage of storm water in a flood control pump station or in detention facilities
  • Drainage of sewage and wastewater in factories and buildings
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