Model : PU Series


Vortex impeller
A vortex impeller is fitted in a wide-opened pump allows the pump to handle large solids contained in raw sewage.

Lightweight and corrosion-resistant
Being made of stainless steel and special resin,these pumps ara lightweight but corrosion free as well.

Dual inside meshanical seal
The pump is furnished with a dual inside mechanical seal located completey in an oil chamber.This system does not rely on the pumped media for the lubrication and cooling,which increases the reliability of the sealig.

anti-wicking cable entry
The pnmp has a rubber molded anti-wicking block at the cable entry section of the pump. This uniqne feature protects the motor from the ingress of water that may be caused by damage to the sheath cable.

motoe protion device
A CTPis installed in its motor. lt automatically stops the motor in case of an excessive heat buildup in the motor caused by blockage of impeller or by other overloading tactors.

Back pullout design
Unfastening the bolts vetween the oil casing and the pump casing allows the body to be separated into the pump section and the motor section with the impeller left in position. This makes the insction or cleaning of the lmpeller easier.

Automatic type available
Automatic or auto-alternation version is available Refer to the below chart for the availability.

Can be converted to a guide rail fiffing version
the pump can be conyerted to a guide rail fitting version by employing the TOK guide rail fitting kit(*) in combination. (*Option)

  • Transfer of sewade in a packaged small-sewage treatmen system
  • Domestic or community sewage lift station
  • Drainage of wastewater at hospitals,hotels,and restaurants, etc
  • Drainage of wastewater that contains miscellaneous foreign matters
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